Spanish/English Dual Language Academy at Holly Oak Beginning 2021-2022 School Year


What is Dual Immersion?

A program that develops bilingualism and biliteracy in English and a second language by integrating students of different language proficiencies.

Benefits of Dual Language

  • Educational (strengthened literacy)
  • Brain benefits (problem solving, flexibility)
  • Social benefits (ability to bridge communities and cultures)
  • Labor market advantages (worldwide opportunities, wage benefits)

Program Model

  • Both English and Spanish are used during the day.
  • Classroom balance is achieved with a balance of English learners and English proficient students. 1/3 Spanish speakers, 1/3 English speakers, and 1/3 bilingual.
  • Students help each other speak, read & and understand one another's language and culture.

Program Design

Our Two-Way Bilingual Immersion program follows an immersion model in which students begin their education with most instruction occurring in Spanish in the early grades and the amount of English increases incrementally until a 50/50 balance of Spanish/English is reached.

The Gift of Biliteracy

Language Progression

ESD's program expects to launch in the fall of 2021 with two classes in both Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Each year, a subsequent grade level will be added until the program includes grades K-6 at the elementary level. As the program extends to middle school, students will have an opportunity to continue their course of study in select core classes.

Kindergarten 90% Spanish - 10% English
1st Grade 90% Spanish - 10% English
2nd Grade 80% Spanish - 20% English
3rd Grade 70% Spanish - 30% English
4th – 6th Grade 50% Spanish - 50% English
7th – 8th Grade Core Content

Bilingual Immersion for Spanish Speakers

Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) is appropriate for all students regardless of language background. Students may be native speakers of either English or Spanish or fluent in another language. Research indicates that TWBI is an excellent match for any of these students.


Two-Way Bilingual Immersion curriculum includes all subjects consistent with district, state and federal requirements. Students benefit from exceptional programs which will include:

Reading and Writing

Language Arts

A variety of literacy strategies promote strong reading, comprehension and writing in both Spanish and English.
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Differentiated instruction and individual support using district adopted curriculum.
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Students engage in rich academic language and learn important academic skills through the use of thematic units.
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Evergreen School District is committed to improving student access to technology.


Our dual immersion program is located at Holly Oak Elementary School which is a Sobrato Early Academic Literacy (SEAL) school. There is a schoolwide focus on language, as well as building strong, analytical readers and thinkers. Teachers employ a variety of literacy strategies to promote strong reading, comprehension and writing in both languages.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is an important component for the program. With enrollment, parents agree to a minimum six-year commitment to the program.

These FAQs provide more information on our program. If you'd like to enroll, please go to our Enrollment page

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