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Girl Scouts and Cadwallader Elementary School
Posted 11/13/2018 11:51AM

/uploaded/Bench_Tutorial_.pdfDuring the past year, Cadwallader Elementary School and Lien Doan Hoa Binh, a local Vietnamese Girl Scout troop, collaborated together to enhance the atmosphere of this academic institution for the well-being of the students. Beginning with the construction of three new benches to the remodel of the garden, Cadwallader Elementary School and Lien Doan Hoa Binh strove to provide numerous safe, friendly locations for students to interact with one another during their break time.

Under the leadership of a Girl Scout member, Caitlin Nguyen, a group of volunteers were gathered- mainly consisting of other scout participants and peers - and were guided as a team to obtain several crucial life skills, such as problem solving and communicating. In her younger years, Caitlin attended Cadwallader Elementary School, graduating in 2014. Six years later, as she aimed to receive the highest Girl Scout award, the Gold Award, Caitlin decided to devote over eighty hours to give back to her old elementary school for all the fond childhood memories Cadwallader Elementary supplied her with.

Understanding the very limited spacing for safe interactions between students and the rundown garden that began to collect weeds, Caitlin fundraised for her project to improve Cadwallader's appearance by communicating with local hardware stores for donations and asking her family and friends for any kind contributions. After obtaining a total of five hundred dollars, this young Girl Scout purchased all materials necessary for her project, and with her new team, she began to execute the project that she had be planning for over two years to accomplish her goal of creating treasured memories for the younger generations.

With a time period of roughly two years to complete paperwork and project, starting in 2017, the benches were finally installed, and the garden received its last touchups in September of 2018. Students and faculty are now provided with an abundance of areas to interact and create long-lasting friendships.

All of this couldn't have been possible without the aid of Cadwallader's principal, Mrs. McClintock, and the supporting team of Lien Doan Hoa Binh. Both exemplifying the passion to help others and improve the atmosphere of a school environment led to the success of the Treasured Memories project, which will now continue to be a permanent addition to Cadwallader Elementary School for future generations to enjoy.

See the bench tutorial here.

Watch the video here.

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