What You Can Expect

In the days leading up to the first day of school, students and parents can expect the following information:

District-wide Information

  • Distance Learning Handbook
  • Annual Notices

School Site Information

  • Schedules
  • School Manual
  • Class assignment/schedule
  • Material and ChromeBook/iPad pick up information
  • School related information, ie clubs/activities, expectations/rules/procedures, schedules of events for the year

Classroom Teacher Information

  • Classroom expectations, rules, procedures, etc.

What You Can Expect During This School Year

Here's what you can expect from the Evergreen School District during the 2020-21 school year, and while we are delivering instruction through distance learning:

School schedules that reflect the instructional minutes as mandated by Senate Bill 98:

  • 3 hours for TK/Kindergarten
  • 3 hours, 50 minutes for Grades 1-3
  • 4 hours for Grades 4-8
  • Breaks (do not count toward instructional minutes)
  • Lunch periods (do not count toward instructional minutes)
  • Daily Live interaction

We realize that our teachers, students and parents are anxiously awaiting the finalization of school schedules. We anticipate that this will be available by August 10.

Students will be offered a menu of enrichment classes:

  • Enrichment classes do not count as part of the instructional minutes.
  • Enrichment opportunities will be provided at no cost to families

Students and parents can expect continued school-based activities in a modified manner:

  • Schools will continue to provide school-based activities and clubs, in a virtual format
  • Teachers, Principals, and Support Staff will use a creative approach to help students connect and engage in clubs, and school spirit activities

ESD will support the social and emotional well-being of our students

  • This will be offered through lessons, activities, and direct services to students who need additional support.

Parents will continue to be engaged, supported, and informed as partners at their child's school and in their child's education, with modifications for health and safety reasons:

  • Opportunities for parent involvement
  • Students and parents can expect most traditional experiences such as back-to-school night, parent/teacher conferences
  • School based-information will be communicated by individual school sites and teachers, and multiple means of communication will occur with families, employees, and community stakeholders in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. These include: Regular text, voice, and email messaging to families and employees; social media posts on various platforms; school-based and District information; and meetings
  • Professional development on virtually engaging families and partners will continue to be offered throughout the year to our educators and community stakeholders.
  • Parent Education classes will be offered via EESD's Parent University.
  • District recognition events will be held virtually to prevent mass gatherings.
  • District advisory committees and PTA/PTSA/PTO will continue to meet virtually; working to advocate and communicate with stakeholders.

Regular attendance procedures:

  • SB 98 creates requirements for reporting attendance during distance learning.
  • Teachers will take students' attendance and participation under distance learning
  • SB 98 defines daily participation & requires districts to develop a re-engagement plan if a student misses more than 60% of their weekly participation rate.

Note: Additional information regarding excused/unexcused absences, reporting absences, as well as addressing technology and electricity (i.e., brown outs) challenges that prevent student attendance, will be provided by your school site.

Students and families can expect that ESD will make every effort to ensure student participation, including making home visits, if necessary:

  • Student attendance is not optional.
  • ESD will work with families to ensure their children attend school, offering support if the family is experiencing hardships that prevent the child from attending school.

Parents of students with special needs can expect:

  • Students with special needs are to receive special education related services and any other services required by a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Schools will provide the accommodations necessary to serve students with special needs.
  • ESD educators will work with families to ensure continued services for students as per their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Parents and students can expect support with schoolwork and technology:

  • Student ZoomDesk: Students will have the opportunity to call a homework help desk for support with school work.
  • Technology Support Desk: Students and families will have access to tech support. ESD will make efforts to offer tech support in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Internet and devices needed for learning:

  • Students and families can expect ESD to provide internet hotspots for students and families that do not have internet service
  • ESD will ensure every student has an iPad or Chromebook for learning

Note: Requests for internet hotspots and devices will be handled on a school-site basis. Please look for more information that will be coming from your school.

Students and families can expect school lunch provided each day:

  • Daily schedules will include extended lunch time so students and families can pick up their school lunch at their school.
  • Students will continue to enjoy nutritious meals that include vegetarian options.
  • Families are encouraged to apply for free and reduced lunch. An application can be found at: https://www.eesd.org/page.cfm?p=2675

Parents can expect availability of licensed childcare providers:

  • ESD is working to identify licensed providers who understand Google classroom, can adhere to health and safety requirements, and can support students under their care during school hours
  • While completion of school work is not guaranteed by childcare providers, they will work with families and students so that students can participate in distance learning during school hours

Other things that parents and students can expect:

  • Our teachers will be receiving professional development throughout the school year on best practices in distance learning and ways that they can deliver engaging instruction in a virtual format.
  • Return to traditional grading models for grades 4-8
  • We will continue to engage our important and valued community partners and volunteers in safe and creative ways to support our students

Thank you for your ongoing support, flexibility, and grace as we move forward together.

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